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My name is Rebecca Shaw and I am the Owner and Director. Since 1995, I have helped thousands of people like you. People who have a strong desire to succeed in life, to find their passion and achieve more than they ever hope to in their wildest dreams…

But they are “stuck.”  Despite reading all the self-help books and trying all the success-training available, they are still running in circles, not living as the person they want to be nor getting what they truly want out of life.

And it is in working with people at my private practice that I discovered this clear and unvarnished truth — that no amount of willpower can help you succeed until you rid yourself of your negative subconscious beliefs and programming.  This means you have to get your subconscious mind to be in agreement with the desires and goals that you consciously desire.  Once the two parts are in harmony, what once felt difficult to achieve can be easy!

Once you have your first session with me, you will know that helping you to release your problems and realize your dreams is my passion and my purpose! 

Hypnosis ResearchCan Charleston Hypnosis Center Help Me with My Specific Problem?

With 25 years of experience among our staff, there is a good chance that we can help you.  Email and phone consultations are FREE so please ask how our services can specifically help you!

What if I live out of the area?

Thanks to new technology with cell phones, Skype, and MP3 downloads, I work with clients globally! Last year alone, I helped people living all across the United States, England, Scotland, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia!

How Do I Get Started Working with Charleston Hypnosis Center?

All clients begin with an Initial Hypnosis Consultation. This is your kick start to identify what’s blocking you from taking your life and career to the next level and the step by step formula of  how working we can help you get there. You will come away from the consultation with a custom hypnosis recording and feeling hopeful and excited.  You will feel a sense of renewed excitement in taking the next step towards living the life you were meant to live.

How Can I Book an Initial Hypnosis Consultation?

Click on the “Book Now” button  below and you will be connected with my up to the minute online booking system.

What If I’m Interested in working with Rebecca as a Platinum Client?

We’re delighted. The Initial Hypnosis Consultation is where all roads begin. From here, you and Rebecca will decide which path will best fulfill your potential.

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